Car Donations That Make a Difference

How do we decide?
Scrap yards? Or an auto auction? Who will process your donated vehicle, and why? Donate A Car Canada has three potential sales strategies that maximize donation results for our charities:

1) If your vehicle is selected for our recycling process, the donation amount for the vehicle depends on the region in which it is donated, and the payment for the market year/make/model. Will do. Our towing agent will pick up the vehicle at no cost to you.

2) Consider selling your vehicle at auction. There are several factors involved in qualifying a vehicle for auction. These include, but are not limited to, drivability, type of mechanical problems (if any), age, damage, visual appearance, and mileage.
Vehicles sold at auction are sold ‘as is’ and ‘unreserved’. They are sold to the highest bidder as a full and final sale. Therefore, the outcome of the auction varies. As such, we cannot guarantee specific sales results.

3) Our third option applies to vehicles that may not do well at auction, but are not ready for recycling. Our Resale/Recycling Process Our agent will pick up your vehicle for free. Once they have it in their yard they will evaluate it to determine if it should be resold or reused. It will be based on the current market. If they see a resale value in your vehicle, they will advertise it to their buyer base, selling it as is, to the highest bidder. Then, they will send us the net proceeds from the resale value. If they determine that they cannot find interested buyers, they will recycle your car.

Your car, your province, your agent
Jet Auctions on Vancouver Island is our go-to, but we can serve you in your back yard! If you’re ready to donate a vehicle, you’re just a click, a call, and a few emails away from helping your favorite charity.

Step 1: Click on the red button below.

Then, fill out our online donation form (it only takes a few minutes). after this? Just wait for your tow agent to call you to set up your free tow. And then sit back and wait for your tax receipt! It will arrive in your inbox the month after the successful resale or recycling of your donated vehicle.

Car Donations That Make a Difference
Charity Cars’ experience with recipients is that receiving a car donation has a profound effect on their outlook on life. When we donate a car to these deserving people, they seem to experience a rebirth of hope and self-confidence that gives them renewed energy and aspiration to succeed.

Many people who have received donated vehicles have also expressed the feeling that they have been given a second chance at life. Few car donation programs can impact the quality of life of the underprivileged as quickly and dramatically as a charity car donation program can. Year after year, Charity Cars leads the nation in providing free vehicles to struggling families across America. The American public’s relationship with their automobiles has traditionally been an intimate one.

The automobile has been and still is a symbol of personal freedom and self-sufficiency. This is, in part, why charity car donation programs have been so enthusiastically embraced by the public and have resulted in so many car donations. Many donors have reported that they can empathize with the poor who lack a vehicle in our car-dependent society, by experiencing it themselves.

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